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A Little About the Woman Behind Whole Health Empowerment byBeckyJane

A little bit about the woman behind the website Whole Health Empowerment, LLC and the blog by BeckyJane

– Ancestors - we have traced our family history back to 800 AD. The connection I feel to them helps me understand who I am and where I came from. Some turned out to be great and some turned out to be a bit shady. :) Ummm, wonder which ones I take after!  
B – Blue – one of my favorite colors.
C - Cabin – I’ve always wanted to live in a cabin in the woods.
D – Daffodils and Daisies - my favorite flowers.
E – Elephant – I’ve really ridden one.
F – Family - mine can be forever!
G - Gardening – it’s what I do to relax. 
H – Holidays – no matter the holiday, my home is decked out with decorations, music, movies, and FUN!
I – Ice cream - my greatest weakness has become one of my greatest strengths.
J – Juggling - I'm great at juggling lots of things at once.
K – Kids - I ♥ my 11 kids! 
L  - Lance - is my husband, my best friend, and my Champion!
M – Mormon - I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). I know who I am. I understand HIS great Plan of Happiness
N – Night crawlers (worms) – after irrigating, my Dad would have us go out in our fields at night with flashlights looking for night crawlers so we could use them when we went fishing.  YUCK!
O – Open - I like to keep my doors and windows open until the snow falls!
P – Patriotic - I'm proud to be an American.  My family has a long history of fighting for freedom.
Q – Quaint - I ♥ things that are quaint...especially cottages. 
R – Rosebud - we used to have a Jersey milk cow named Rosebud!
S – Singing - I'm usually singing or humming!
T – Tree climbing - my favorite pass time when I was a little girl!
U – Umbrellas - so fun to have even when it’s not raining!
V – Vacation – for me, the best vacations are the ones that take place in my own backyard.
W – Wedding - mine changed the course of my life forever. It is so good!
X – Xerarch - means growing up in dry places, I live in the desert and love to garden. This is X-tra tricky!
Y – Yes - I love this word!
Z – Zemni -  a blind mole, I wrote a children’s story about my kids meeting a very impatient and timid zemni, named Gus.

 All the best to you,