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Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

Just over 3 months ago we had a miracle occur with our cat being returned to us after several years of being absent. It's not an extremely profound story, but it is a touching story which was made even more endearing due to this mornings event.

Our sweet little Tilly passed away this morning. She was a good friend; we feel so blessed to have had this special, unexpected time with her. We will miss her. To understand why she is an extra special friend, please read the article below which  I wrote several months ago about the miracle of 'the cat came back'.
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The inspiration for this post came unexpectedly.
Several years ago, we had to give up our favorite cat because we were moving and couldn't bring her with us. Tilly had been a part of our family for over 14 years. It was a difficult decision. She had brought a calming affect to our home of 11 rambunctious kids. She was quiet and unobtrusive.

 - just always there when we needed a friend.

Happily we found a family that loved her and took care of her. Ever so often I'd call them to see how our little friend was doing. Tilly had settled into her new home just fine.

After 3 years, I got a call from Tilly's new family saying they were moving out of state and couldn't take her with them - did we want her back?

Like I said before, it had been 3 years since Tilly had been with us. In the mean time our house had been built and we were in a more stable situation. After a family council, looking at all the pros and cons - especially taking into consideration that we were now living in the city instead of the country where she'd been raised...we decided that we would love to get our old friend back. 

Last night our Tilly came home. I was surprised at the reaction from the kids - especially the older, grown-up kids! Tilly had been a special help for one of our sons while he was growing up. He is now 25 years old, when he stopped by for an unexpected visit just after Tilly had arrived, we surprised him with his endeared friend was a moment this mommy heart will treasure. 

Having Tilly back in our family has rekindled memories of the comfort and companionship she brought. I look forward to her bringing her special gifts to our home again!

Some of the health benefits of having a pet are:

  • companionship, ease loneliness
  • someone to hug
  • unconditional acceptance for who you are
  • life and movement
  • entertainment - laughter
  • responsibility
  • improves your mood
  • less likely to suffer from depression
  • people with pets heal quicker
  • less stress and lower blood pressure
  • lower cholesterol and triglyceride  levels -indicators of heart disease
  • reduce anxiety
  • exercise
  • grounding and creating a connection
Whether your adult or child, the health benefits of owning a pet are profound. Just remember that along with a pet comes responsibility. Make sure the pet you choose will be right for you. Even a goldfish can bring movement and entertainment to a lonely person.

Many of us have had pets that affected our lives in a profound way - I'd love to hear from you about your favorite pet or a pet you currently have. Feel free to leave a comment below!

All my best to you,