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Honey Facial

Did you know that your kitchen pantry holds all sorts of natural beauty products? These are what I call - My Kitchen Vanities. One of my favorites is HONEY.

Using honey as a facial cleanser and moisturizer sounds like 'sticky' business. In reality its easy to use, inexpensive, and and your face will love it.

Several months ago I quit using over-the-counter facial cleanser and moisturizers for one simple reason - the ingredients. I figure if I can't pronounce it, I'm not going to put it on my face.

Honey is one of my favorite sweeteners and now it's my favorite facial product. Any honey works, but I prefer to use raw honey as it hasn't been processed or pasteurized and still has ALL it's naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, and minerals just as the bees/nature made it.

A sure sign of good raw honey is that it will crystallize. Most of the honey sold in stores is processed and heated to look good to the consumer. This heating processing destroys some of honey's 'golden' properties.

Naturally occurring antimicrobal and antibiotic properties will cleans your face while boosting the immune system as the honey is absorbed into the skin. Being rich in antioxidants, it also helps repair and protect the skin from sunburn and harmful UV rays. Honey also helps in controlling acne.

I treat myself to a Honey Facial once a week and rinse it off while I'm showering. It can also be used as a cleanser/moisturizer on a daily basis.

How to use:
  • Wet face with warm water
  • Put approximately 1 Tablespoons honey in the palm of your hand. (Note: To soften crystallized honey, don't heat over high heat, instead put honey in a small container and set in a larger container of hot water till crystals dissolve.)
  • Dampen finger tips with water and dip into honey
  • Using circular motions rub all the honey on your face
  • Leave for 10-15 minutes
  • Use a warm, wet wash rag to remove honey. (I do this while I'm showering.) Don't be afraid of over scrubbing your face. I learned from my mother years ago that the face needs exercise just as the body does to retain it's tightness. Rubbing the face in brisk, circular motions help the facial skin and muscles retain their elasticity and stimulates blood circulation for a more youthful glow. I know this goes against everything taught in the 'beauty world'; I'm not suggesting ripping your face off - use wisdom, your own common sense and your face will thank you.
  • While my face is still wet, I briskly dry it with a clean hand towel. This gets rid of any leftover dead skin and stimulates better blood circulation.
  • Since my skin is on the dry side and I live in the desert, I like to finish off my facial by applying extra virgin olive oil to my face. This might freak out some of you. But skin loves olive oil. It can balance oily skin and also moisturize dry skin. But as with anything, try it and see how you like it. The moisturizing properties in the honey may be enough.
This all sounds great, but does it really work? YES! YES! YES! I am living proof. Since January I've been steadily loosing weight and being over 54 years old, I was concerned that my face would begin to look old and wrinkled and saggy - you know, like the balloon when it's full has no wrinkles, but deflate it and all you get a wrinkly, limp balloon. Just last week my husband was intently looking at my face. When I asked him what was wrong, he made the comment, "Your face is looking smoother and tighter." Wow! I'm for sure keeping this guy! He had no idea I was doing a 'study' in honey.

Several others have commented on my youthful skin and even someone on Facetime mentioned they wanted skin like mine! Now, I'm not bragging, just letting you know how lovely honey can make your skin.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

All my best to you,