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How to Handle Cravings

My one and only weakness is ice cream! I enjoy the feel of cold and creamy inside my mouth and sliding down my throat! YUM! YUM! Needless to say, ice cream has also given me several unwanted pounds and aggravates the inflammation in my body. I hate hurting, but most of the time I love ice cream more.
 Do any of you have the same dilemma?
 Are the foods you love
the same foods your body hates?

Usually when the body has a craving, it's telling us that something is out of balance and we need to listen. It's not always something in our diet that's imbalanced. We could be extra tired, sad, or worried. Possibly we're concerned about our finances, job, or a stressful relationship.

Do you crave salty foods, sweets, chocolate, cigarettes, coffee?

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What are these cravings telling you?

Most of us view cravings as a sign of  weakness...something that can only be managed with self-control. We find ourselves craving something. We can usually put off the craving a few times until finally we're overcome and submit....then we find ourselves dealing with feelings of guilt and condemnation for our lack of control. This is a big and unnecessary set-up for failure.

Willpower has little to do with cravings 

To get started de-constructing your cravings, ask yourself these questions:
  • Why am I craving this particular food?
  • Is it stress related?
  • Am I too tired, too hot, too cold?
  • Is it that I'm seeking comfort in some way and turning to food for the comfort? Lots of things can trigger a craving, but many times it's our emotions.
  • Is my craving related to a memory?
  • Am I just thirsty?
Identify the reason for the craving, and address the reason behind the craving, instead of covering it up with food.

I still enjoy ice cream and like to have it. My goal is not to get rid of ice cream, but to find a healthier that won't aggravate my inflammation and will even help heal my body.

Need support with your cravings? I'd love to walk you through the process step by step and coach you into getting fantastic sustainable results. I've dropped 4" from my waistline so far...if I can do it, anyone can.

All the best to you,