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Look Beautiful Every Day

About a year ago a friend of mine told me about the site Dressing Your Truth.

This is more than just a fashion course. It's all about bringing out your true, inner beauty, because we are all amazingly beautiful.

I look at it like this. I'm a great piece of art, created by the Master, so why not make sure I get the best picture frame to show the world what a great creator the Lord is? It has nothing to do with vanity...everything to do with bringing honor to HIM.

Some of the thing I've enjoyed learning:
  • What colors, fabrics, textures, and styles compliment my energy.
  • What hair styles make me look great! (Still working on this one...hard to work with short, naturally curly hair.)  Still experimenting, which is fun and not frustrating anymore, because I know where I'm going and not just guessing anymore!
  • I love shopping for clothes now, because there is no more guess work. Plus there are so many ways to re-purpose what I already own into what will work for my Type.
  • No more wasting money on clothes that I 'hope' will look good on me and then going home and watching them sit in my closet unworn because they just aren't right.
  • The next time I buy glasses, I know exactly what will enhance my features. Buying glasses has been one of my biggest stresses, but not anymore! Wahoo! (I can't wait for my current glasses to break! Ummmm!)
  • Everything I needed to learn was online. I'm learning right in the comfort of my own home!
Besides this, I understand why I do things the way I do and I've learned it's fantastic being a rich and dynamic woman instead of a soft, subtle woman...which I thought was who I was supposed to be but in reality was contrary to the true me. 

I'm also learning to see my husband and children in their true nature and lovin' them even more. Understanding their true nature and how they move has brought a lot more peace to our family and to my soul.

What Type of woman is really you? Don't use guess work. Find out HERE!

All my best to you,