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Real Food vs Processed Food

Being raised on a small farm, my backyard was beautified with fruit trees and a large vegetable garden. We raised our own beef. Our milk cow provided us with fresh, pasture fed dairy products. One of my fondest, childhood memories is sitting down to the dinner table with my family and hearing my mom express her gratitude for the blessing that, "Everything we're eating tonight has come from our garden." 

The table was laden with steamed, non-GMO corn-on-the-cob,  juicy cucumber slices, pickled beets, green beans, and fresh sliced tomatoes...still warm from the sun.
Have you ever tasted sun-warm tomatoes fresh from the vine? They are delicious!
After dinner my family spent time together talking, laughing and churning homemade ice cream sweetened with fresh picked black berries.
As a young girl I was naive enough to think everyone ate that way - until - my city cousin came for a visit and said that milk came from a cow who had drunk a bowl of milk...this did not make any sense to me.  How could anyone NOT know where milk came from? His mom took him out to our milk cow and showed him 'where milk came from.'
Because of these experiences as a child, an article in the Huffington Post entitled, Processing Food, Processing...You?!  written by David Katz caught my full attention.
"Anyone living and eating in the modern world, and paying even a little attention, knows that we are a very long way from eating food, not too much, mostly plants. Not only does our food come mostly in bags, boxes, bottles, jars and cans -- but mostly, it isn't really food. It's food stuff. It doesn't come from an animal or plant; it's made in a plant. It rolls off an assembly line...."
"...The benefits of eating real food are well established, and profound. We can break our addiction to junk -- and learn to love food that loves us back. We can get to a place of less processed food, but only if we wake up to a contrived reality we have tolerated for far too long -- and start unprocessing ourselves. Welcome to the real world!"
What do you consider real food? Do you or your kids, GRANDkids, neighborhood kids know where milk really comes from, or what fresh peachs taste like? Do you/they relate better to chicken nuggets, McDonalds, and potato chips?
I love this inspiring success story from one of my clients. Please take special note that he's a teenager...
"BeckyJane taught me to look at what I was eating and how it was affecting my health. The biggest change I've seen is that I now dislike junk foods. She has encouraged me to stay on the path of healthy eating and exercise."           ~ C.G., High School Student, UT
Living on a farm isn't practical or even desired by everyone, but it is still possible to get fresh (preferably organic) produce at your local farmers market, Whole Foods Store, Sprouts Farmers Market, or even grow your own tomato plant in a pot in a window. Google 'farmers markets' for your area and see what comes up.
Does the thought of fixing a real home cooked meal send terror through your spine? Need step-by-step assistance integrating real foods into you diet? As a Health & Lifestyle Coach I'm trained to get you easy to incorporate, sustainable, and empowering results not only in your life, but in the kitchen too!  Contact me HERE if you'd like to learn more. 
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