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Warming Winter Recipe Fest - Lip Smacking Vegetable Soup

Soups are one of the best foods for warming your soul on cold wintry days. Combining liquids with hearty vegetables, keeps you feeling full longer.  For the same reason, soups are also recommended for successful weight loss.

My Lip Smacking Vegetable Soup uses colorful veggies that are packed with nutrients. It's warming affect on your body will also help you keeped balanced and grounded. Cook up a bowl and enjoy!

All my best to you,

Warming Winter Recipe Fest - Autumn Harvest Bake

Using my own homegrown garden produce is so satisfying

  • I know it's organic.
  • I know I'm feeding my family the best!
  • No GMO's in my garden.
  • I choose the produce varieties I ♥ best (not dependent on what the grocery store chooses to market).
  • I get the satisfaction of self-reliance.
  • I get inspired to create new, healthy delicious recipes using my garden produce - like my 'Autumn Harvest Bake'

Warming Winter Recipe Fest - Pinto Bean Chili

Have you ever had a delicious bowl of chili only to have it sit like a rock in your stomach?

I love chili but not the after affects of the beans. After experimenting with 5 different beans, I found pinto beans were mild, and gentle on the digestive tract.

The blustery, cold days are upon us and my recipe for Pinto Bean Chili will give your body the protein it needs to keep warm.

Warming Winter Recipe Fest - Pumpkin Smoothie

For the next 5 days I'll be sharing my favorite new recipes and the story behind each recipe.

Today's recipe is my Pumpkin Smoothie

What is a Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant?

"A Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant, also known as a Health Coach is a guide and mentor who empowers clients to take responsibility for their health and supports them to implement lifestyle and behavior changes that will contribute to the achievement of their personal wellness goals. Some common areas where a Health Coach may help a client include: "

How to Enjoy Doing Your To-Do List

Revised 11/10/13

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our to-do list. It's a constant reminder of all the things we need to do and usually don't want to do. Our list is one of the main stress causers in our day.

What if I told you that there's a simple way to LOVE your to-do list 
in a way that will come naturally to you

How to Overcome the Weighty Issue of Obesity Discrimination

Revised 11/10/13

Have you ever felt you weren't hired for the job you qualified for because of your weight?

Do you sometimes get the feeling that people are avoiding you because of your weight?

Is reading this post about being overweight making you a bit nervous or uncomfortable?

Don’t sign off yet…Please stay with me…you’ll be glad you did.

 I’m going to share one of my best secrets to overcoming the obesity discrimination stigma.

How to Create Self-Esteem in 4 Easy Steps

I really don’t like myself - This is how I used to feel whenever I looked in the mirror. I was overweight, my hair was always out of control and turning grey, I had no energy. I pretended to be happy more than I was.  I still saw life as good, but I couldn't see it as good as it really was because I focused on what was wrong instead of what was right.

I was looking in the mirror and looked deep into my eyes – something I usually avoided because of my dislike for myself. As I looked deeper and deeper, I began to realize how magnificent I really was. Not in an abnormally developed self-esteem, nor in an arrogant, haughty way, but in a humbling and amazing sort of way.

At that moment all I’d been told about the worth of souls took root within me. It was a spiritual and inspiring moment that changed everything. If I am really a daughter of God, reared in His courts of glory before coming to earth, then I am of infinite worth.

I understood that my worth was not dependent on my performance.