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How to Create Self-Esteem in 4 Easy Steps

I really don’t like myself - This is how I used to feel whenever I looked in the mirror. I was overweight, my hair was always out of control and turning grey, I had no energy. I pretended to be happy more than I was.  I still saw life as good, but I couldn't see it as good as it really was because I focused on what was wrong instead of what was right.

I was looking in the mirror and looked deep into my eyes – something I usually avoided because of my dislike for myself. As I looked deeper and deeper, I began to realize how magnificent I really was. Not in an abnormally developed self-esteem, nor in an arrogant, haughty way, but in a humbling and amazing sort of way.

At that moment all I’d been told about the worth of souls took root within me. It was a spiritual and inspiring moment that changed everything. If I am really a daughter of God, reared in His courts of glory before coming to earth, then I am of infinite worth.

I understood that my worth was not dependent on my performance.

Heavenly Father loves me unconditionally, (even if I'm fat, ugly, going grey, and lazy), therefore I can also love myself unconditionally – besides, who am I to argue with God.

My days became more positive and rewarding. I sang more, I laughed more. When I looked in the mirror I saw a miracle instead of all my flaws. When I prayed about myself and the help I needed I no longer felt guilty.  I became less compulsively busy – the kind of busy that took up time so I didn't have to focus on all the wrong things in my life.

Joy became a constant companion instead of a fleeting acquaintance.

I gained the confidence to say, daily, ‘I can overcome whatever is placed before me and use it for my good.’ This was a big step for me because up until then, I was so overwhelmed with being me-flawed, being a mother, being a wife, and all the other roles I had. Fear of failure constantly lurked in the back of my mind.

To be free of fear is EMPOWERING.

You can have the same success I had - 

Every time you look in the mirror do these 4 easy steps to 
create greater self-esteem:
  1. Stand far enough away that you can't focus on your facial imperfections.
  2. Smile - when you smile your mind actually tells your body you're happy. 
  3. Say out loud, 'I love you, (add your name here), just the way you are.' This will feel funny at first, and you might not even believe it, but, you are an amazing person and since God loves you then you can love yourself too.
  4. Post this truth on your mirror and read it daily - 'I am Thy child, reared in Thy courts of glory. I know thou lovest me with perfect love. Help me to feel thy love this day.' Thank Heavenly Father for the miracle you are and point out 3 good things about yourself.
If you had unlimited self-esteem what is one thing you would do?

If you are having a difficult time loving who you are or feel you can never completely love yourself, and would like support working through this, I would love to walk you through this. I know you are an amazing person – you can know this too! Contact me today!

 All my best to you,