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How to Enjoy Doing Your To-Do List

Revised 11/10/13

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our to-do list. It's a constant reminder of all the things we need to do and usually don't want to do. Our list is one of the main stress causers in our day.

What if I told you that there's a simple way to LOVE your to-do list 
in a way that will come naturally to you

Your energy level, which we discussed in last weeks article, 'How to Overcome The Weighty Issue of Obesity Descrimination', is the perfect way to determine what type of list making is right for you and how to make it enjoyable.

Excerpt from article:

Which type speaks to you (be careful not to pick one that you think you should or that you think others say you should. Be honest, take your time, and reflect inside of yourself before deciding. It may help to go back and think of how you were as a child. There are no wrong choices).

1.       I am cheerful and lively. Life has so many opportunities. Having fun is important.
2.       I am a more easygoing and subtle person. I like to gather information. Being safe and comfortable is important.
3.       I am a rich and self-motivated person. I like to get things done. Being in control of my life is important.
4.       I am bold and outstanding. I like things to be perfect. I am clear on what to do.

These are the four basic types of energy levels people have. Although everyone has all four energies within them self, we express a dominate one and usually a strong secondary one. It's usually best to work with in your dominant energy level.

Below I've listed the different energy levels and how to use that energy in making your to-do list enjoyable. (These energy levels were inspired by Carol Tuttles - Dressing Your Truth. I highly recommend you study her free course to get a clear understanding of what I'm referring to.)

Energy 1 - It's all about FUN!  For you, lists can be a bit daunting and totally NOT fun. It's your desire to make your list as fun as possible.
  • Great ideas are constantly popping up in your mind and can sometimes be a deterrent to completing important tasks, writing down your to-do list will help you keep focused. 
  • Whether you're doing it virtually or physically, write your list on fun bright colored paper - your to-do list should look as bright and animated as you are! 
  • When doing a task, turn on some fun, active music when possible - such as when you're cleaning the house.
  • Sprinkle fun things throughout your list - not just the things you have to do. Adding fun will restore you're energy.
  • Only prioritize the first 2-3 most important tasks, this will allow you to honor your spontaneous nature and allow you to act on some of those great ideas that keep popping up!
  • Involve other people in your task where possible. Being around other people can make the job go faster!
  • Celebrate and reward yourself when you finish a task - dance a jig, shout hurrah, put a star next to the completed task - whatever is easy and gets you excited about finishing your task.
Energy 2 - Comfortable and flowing is what makes your to-do list enjoyable for you.
  • Write down your list either virtually or physically and then number it from the most important to the least important. Stress comes from keeping it all jumbled up in your head. 
  • Gather as much information as you need to complete the task. Just make sure to not get so caught up in the info gathering that you don't complete what you set out to accomplish.
  • Whether your list is virtual or physical, use paper that has a grey tone to it, this will keep you relaxed and comfortable.
  • After completing a task, pat yourself on the back and say 'well done' or enjoy a small treat.
  • When possible, choose a place you love to be while completing your tasks - such as curling up in a comfortable chair to do your computer work instead of sitting at a desk.
  • If an unexpected task pops up, breathe deeply and give yourself a few minutes to re-adjust and accept the new task.
Energy 3 - You love to get in and get the job done. Making a mental list is what you do best, but writing you're list down can also be very satisfying and will appeal to your innate organizational skills.
  • You'll receive great satisfaction if you make your list the type that you can check it off, crumple it up or tear into pieces, and then throw it away.
  • Don't get too hung up on completing all the difficult tasks first, remember to add some fun diversion to your list - this will keep you from burn out.
  • If your to-do list involves other people, state what you expect in a gentle manner (remember not everyone has a burning drive like you do) and then listen to their ideas. Honest communication is key.
  • You tend to get so focused on completing the tasks, that you forget to relax and enjoy the journey - when making your list add a smiley face once in awhile as a reminder to let yourself enjoy what you're doing.
Energy 4 - You pretty much have your world under control and already know what works for you.
  • When working with someone else, make sure that they understand you work best with all the information upfront. An example comes from my Energy 4 son - he wants to have the entire to-do chore list upfront and no frills, then he likes to be left alone to complete his list in his own way.
  • You enjoy the challenge of making your list as functional as possible. Keep making changes and improving your to-do list until it's just the way you want it.
As you experiment with your to-do list, keep in mind, that it is just a list and not your life. 
Expecting to complete all your tasks everyday will only cause stress. 
Allow for the unexpected and enjoy your day. 

Seek Heavenly Father's guidance as you prioritize by what is good, better, and then BEST. Keep the things that are BEST on the top of your list. It's easy to get side-tracked with things that are good and better, but these are not always what is BEST!

The Lord knows that you have a lot to accomplish and that you probably can't do it all. He doesn't expect you to do it all. Asking Him to direct you on your to-do list will give you confidence that you're getting the BEST from each day!

I've studied and learned how to implement some of the best organizational skills available. If you feel your life is unorganized and out of control, I'd love to help you. If you're ready for change contact me HERE! 

One of my clients, Kat, was feeling so overwhelmed with her to-do list. She was highly stressed and felt she could never accomplish everything that she was expected to do. Once she created a to-do list that honored her energy level, Kat was able to get her life more focused and organized. In just a few minutes she became relaxed and excited about her life and what it held for her.

All my best to you,