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How to Overcome the Weighty Issue of Obesity Discrimination

Revised 11/10/13

Have you ever felt you weren't hired for the job you qualified for because of your weight?

Do you sometimes get the feeling that people are avoiding you because of your weight?

Is reading this post about being overweight making you a bit nervous or uncomfortable?

Don’t sign off yet…Please stay with me…you’ll be glad you did.

 I’m going to share one of my best secrets to overcoming the obesity discrimination stigma.

“Discrimination is hurtful and demeaning, and has real implications for physical health,” said lead researcher Angelina Sutin, an assistant professor of psychology at Florida State University.

“In the case of weight discrimination, people often rationalize that it is OK to do because it will motivate the victim to lose weight,” Sutin said. “Our findings suggest the opposite.” source

According to Dr David Katz about 80% of the adults in the USA are overweight. That includes a big percentage of us, our friends, and our loved ones. 

When we feel discriminated against because of our weight it can make us feel our worth  is based on our weight. I’m here to tell you that this thought pattern is NOT true. While some people may choose to look at a person and judge them by their weight, we don't need to succumb to it ourselves - even and especially when we look at ourselves.

The person you are inside is who you really are, 
and I bet first and foremost, you are a loving person.

According to Carol Tuttle, creator of Dressing Your Truth, our energy level also says who we are...and I don't mean how much energy we have, but the energy level that automatically and uncontrollably emanates from us.

She breaks our energy levels into 4 types.

  • Type 1 - Bright and Animated
  • Type 2 - Subtle and Soft
  • Type 3 - Rich and Dynamic
  • Type 4 - Bold and Striking

Which type speaks to you (be careful not to pick one that you think you should or that you think others say you should. Be honest, take your time, and reflect inside of yourself before deciding. It may help to go back and think of how you were as a child. There are no wrong choices).

1.       I am cheerful and lively. Life has so many opportunities. Having fun is important.
2.       I am a more easygoing and subtle person. I like to gather information. Being safe and comfortable is important.
3.       I am a rich and self-motivated person. I like to get things done. Being in control of my life is important.
4.       I am bold and outstanding. I like things to be perfect. I am clear on what to do.

Now that you've chosen an energy level, act on it and honor it. None of these are right or wrong, but are a true expression of who you are. (I highly recommend taking Carol Tuttles FREE  Dressing Your Truth Course to accurately determine your true Type.)

The best way to overcome the weight discrimination stigma is to honor who you really are. 

The way people see you is only a reflection of how you see ourself. As soon as you recognize your energy level as a strength, others will begin to see you the same way. They will begin to overlook the outside and look on the inside. 

You might be thinking about now that you don't even have to open your mouth before your, discriminated against. Maybe you feel that no one will even give you a chance to prove who you really are. I'm here to tell you that you won't and don't need to prove who you are. Your energy level will automatically do it for you.

Have you ever seen someone that caught your attention right away 
and in a positive way? 
There just seemed to be something about them that 
automatically drew you to them.

Chances are that someone was living their true energy level...their true self. You can have that same affect on people just from the energy level you emanate.

Learning to honor our own unique energy level can be difficult. I've helped several of my clients through this process and they love the results. Here is an inspiring testimonial from one of my clients, a 15 year old girl:

‘Two of my main goals have been to be happy and to eat the right foods. BeckyJane was able to help me learn the right foods and how they will help me. My body has changed and I enjoy the feeling of a cleansed, healthy body. She has also helped me to lose weight, be confident and find where my happiness comes from. BeckyJane is an awesome health coach.'
~ K.M., Student, UT

If you like what you've read, please contact me today and you'll begin your own journey to discovering your true greatness!

All my best to you,