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Warming Winter Recipe Fest - Autumn Harvest Bake

Using my own homegrown garden produce is so satisfying

  • I know it's organic.
  • I know I'm feeding my family the best!
  • No GMO's in my garden.
  • I choose the produce varieties I ♥ best (not dependent on what the grocery store chooses to market).
  • I get the satisfaction of self-reliance.
  • I get inspired to create new, healthy delicious recipes using my garden produce - like my 'Autumn Harvest Bake'

Autumn Harvest Bake was created by my husband, Lance, and one of my daughters. There's something about autumns garden produce that inspires great recipes. 

As we transition into autumn and winter, our foods should transition also. These 2 seasons are characterized as being cold, windy, dry, and moving - quickly changingThe foods we eat should be the opposite - thus creating balance in ourselves. 

Meals that are warm, smooth, moisture filled such as - baked dishes, soups, stews, and warm beverages are great grounding dishes.

Some grounding foods are (think of the foods that ripen in the fall and those that store naturally all winter long) - 
  • pumpkins
  • winter squash - butternut, acorn, spaghetti squash, Hubbard, kabocha +.
  • yams
  • potatoes
  • apples
  • root vegetables - carrots, turnips, parsnips, beets +.
These are all HIGH in the nutrients we need for a healthy winter.

I also incorporate more protein and high quality oils (olive oil and grape seed oils are my favorite).

Do you find yourself eating more grounding foods as the weather gets colder?

I encourage you to try at least one new grounding food this week! What is one that you plan to try?

All my best to you,