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Giving Thanks For Our Miraculous 5 Senses

Thanksgiving is a time when we use ALL 5 of our senses to the max! There is so much to see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

The Subtle and Significant Blessing of Giving Thanks

I used to be 'exceptionally' good at basing my happiness on something in the future. At age 13 I just knew that when I got rid of my glasses and got contact lenses I would be happy. I knew that when I turned 16 and could drive and date then I would be really happy. When I could get a job I'd have my own money then I would be happy. When I was old enough and could get married everything will be wonderful and then I'd be happy. When I could get a house of my own then I'd be happy.

Can you relate to this?

Health Benifits of Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is often an overlooked holiday - stuck between Halloween and Christmas.

But, it is one of my most favorite holidays.

Halloween and Christmas are great, don’t get me wrong, but both of these holidays tend to be centered more around ‘what’s in it for me’, - such as candy and gifts.

Thanksgiving on the other hand is centered solely around family and gratitude. Of course, everyone expects a delicious meal but everyone is also a little more thoughtful about their blessings.

I Am Thankful for Life

Dear Readers,

To kick off the month of November - the month of gratitude - I'd like to join with you in the experience of expressing gratitude for life and more especially the breath which gives us life.

As some of you know, I have had the blessing of giving birth to 11 children. It's been an overwhelming journey, but also a fantastic journey.

The other day I was contemplating just what has it meant to me to be the mother of these 11 unique people.

I came to the realization that 11 times, I was witness to the miracle of a new life coming into this world.

Winter Warming Recipe Fest - Soothing Cinnamon Whip

This is my all time favorite warm drink. I don't care much for hot chocolate and I don't drink coffee. In fact, my Soothing Cinnamon Whip is a great alternative to your morning coffee - especially if your loooking for a healthy alternative.

I chose the title for this beverage for a special reason. This drink has soothing properties yet it doesn't put me to sleep. It's calming affects helps the body relax and create more focused energy. 

Enjoy my delicious Soothing Cinnamon Whip recipe all year long!

 All my best to you,