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I Am Thankful for Life

Dear Readers,

To kick off the month of November - the month of gratitude - I'd like to join with you in the experience of expressing gratitude for life and more especially the breath which gives us life.

As some of you know, I have had the blessing of giving birth to 11 children. It's been an overwhelming journey, but also a fantastic journey.

The other day I was contemplating just what has it meant to me to be the mother of these 11 unique people.

I came to the realization that 11 times, I was witness to the miracle of a new life coming into this world.

As each of my children were delivered from my womb, a special spirit came with them. The veil between heaven and earth was so thin. I could feel the arms of an Eternal Father reaching down and blessing me and my new baby.

As my child took it's first breath I would gasp in amazement at this precious miracle I was witnessing. Our breath is not something we ask for or even think about. It's always there giving us life.

A supreme being is giving us the breath we need. I am grateful for that breath and the miracle of life it gives me each day.

I encourage you to take a moment, take a deep breath and express your gratitude for that breath.

Have you had an experience when breathing was difficult and breathing became a miracle?

All my best to you,