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The Subtle and Significant Blessing of Giving Thanks

I used to be 'exceptionally' good at basing my happiness on something in the future. At age 13 I just knew that when I got rid of my glasses and got contact lenses I would be happy. I knew that when I turned 16 and could drive and date then I would be really happy. When I could get a job I'd have my own money then I would be happy. When I was old enough and could get married everything will be wonderful and then I'd be happy. When I could get a house of my own then I'd be happy.

Can you relate to this?

Surprisingly though, when I got my contact lenses, started to drive, and date I was not happy. When I got a job, I was NOT happy. When I got married, I was happy, but became discontented because I wanted a house of my own. Soon I got a house of my own, but then I became anxious about all the bills that came with being a home owner.

Constantly looking to the future for something to create my happiness 
didn't bring me happiness in the NOW!

Not acknowledging the current blessings I had was 
also a deterrent to my happiness.

Giving Thanks can be a subtle but significant blessing.

Once I learned the art of loving and enjoying what was happening in my life at the moment, I found I was able to experience an unexpected amount of peace and contentment. Life became a lot more fun and exciting. It was as if my sense of everything around me was heightened!

Giving Thanks is an art that most of us have to consciously develop and practice until it becomes a natural state of being. Our ability to experience Giving Thanks as an individual can also have a profound affect on society as a whole. Our ability to Give Thanks can create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond our own self. 

Giving Thanks is a subtle but significant blessing.

To help me experience gratitude more I learned to slow down, breath and look around at my current world. Not everything was peachy fine, but a lot of it was remarkably wonderful - I just needed to take time to notice it. Once I noticed it I needed to take time to express gratitude for it. 

The more I slowed down, the more I noticed and the more I noticed, the more I was able to feel gratitude and the more gratitude I felt, the more I noticed. (You might want to read that again for it to sink in and make sense.)

One of the surprising subtle blessing of developing gratitude within myself was -
Once I began seeing things from the perspective of Giving Thanks, my family did too. The feelings of peace, contentment and happiness rose in our home. There was less arguing and whining. It was a moment of awakening for me to see how significant this subtle blessing of Giving Thanks was affecting not only myself, but also my family.
I feel that Thanksgiving is a holiday we need - a subtle and significant holiday that our families and friends need. A holiday our nation needs.

How can you keep the ripple effect of Giving Thanks going.....not just at Thanksgiving but all year long?

With love and gratitude,

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