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3 Simple Steps to Stop the Sugar Overload Guilt Trips

The holidays are supposed to bring feelings of love, excitement, and charity. But most of the time we are having such a fierce battle with feelings of guilt from eating too many sweets, that the good feelings of the holiday can get pushed aside.

But, you CAN beat the guilt trips and bring back the holiday cheer with these 3 simple steps.

Frugal Christmas

Several years ago, CL was laid off at Christmas time.  We were expecting baby #6 and life became more of a challenge. 

Interestingly enough, CL and I had recently attended a 'Get Out Of Debt' seminar at BYU.  One of the suggestions given by the instructor was to make Christmas gifts using materials on hand or just purchasing a few inexpensive materials to help with the handmade gifts.  
With 5 kids it was a challenge, but we did it, and it is a Christmas we will always cherish.  Everyone got their creative minds going (this was before the internet, so we had to rely on our own imaginations). 

Dealing With the Death of a Loved One at Christmas Time.

I know this is not a popular topic to discuss, especially during the holiday season, but none the less, it is a reality that some of us loose loved ones at Christmas time. 

How to Get and Keep the Spirit of Christmas

Most of us have experienced a Christmas season where there was a definite lack of the Christmas Spirit. We just couldn't get into it. The excitement was missing.

So, just what is the Spirit of Christmas, where does it come from, and how can we catch it every year?