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3 Simple Steps to Stop the Sugar Overload Guilt Trips

The holidays are supposed to bring feelings of love, excitement, and charity. But most of the time we are having such a fierce battle with feelings of guilt from eating too many sweets, that the good feelings of the holiday can get pushed aside.

But, you CAN beat the guilt trips and bring back the holiday cheer with these 3 simple steps.

My best tip is to start where you are and then move it up just one notch. If you find yourself eating the whole box of chocolates, that's okay, because that's where you are. Next time the temptation comes, start out by flushing just one of those sweets down the toilet. Now you'll be eating one less. After you've finished the box, congratulate yourself for reaching your goal to eat one less.

My second tip is to give yourself permission to eat the sweets you are craving and enjoy them. 

WHAT? I can't believe she just said that!!!

By giving yourself permission instead of degrading yourself for not having any control, you'll get rid of the guilt. Guilt inhibits the release of seratonin which is the happy, feel good hormone found in the digestive tract, the central nervous system, blood platelets and pineal gland located deep at the center of the brain. Seratonin has been linked to the neurotransmitter dopamine which is the pleasure and rewards center in the brain. Slowing down the natural flow of seratonin to the brain (by feelings of guilt), can actually cause us to eat even more of the 'foridden foods' in a search to feel safe and happy. By allowing the brain to release this hormone, we will automatically go into a mind set that all is safe and we're okay. The desire to over indulge will automatically be reduced.

Deprivation causes the body to go into survival mode. This sends signals to the body to hang on to everything it's got and triggers the thought process to eat more - sort of like a bear going into hibernation.

Enjoy the moment before, during, and after. You'll be amazed at how much your cravings will reduce over time. You'll love yourself even more and this in turn will let your brain know that all is safe. Feeling safe, causes our mind and body to relax.

If you still struggle with guilt after you over indulge in the sweets, then my last tip is to grab a stalk of celery or a chunk of lettuce and eat it. This will help both physically and psychologically. Physically, it will put valuable nutrition back into your stomach and will also help aid digestion. Psychologically, you'll feel better knowing you DID eat something healthy.

Do you constantly crave sweets?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to walk away from all these temptations to indulge?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not feel deprived when we do walk away?
Want to gain control without deprivation?

As a Wellness and Lifestyle Consultant, I’ll show you how!

No guilt ~ No deprivation ~ No pills ~ No calorie counting

There’s nothing magic about my unique approach. It’s all based on simple and sustainable techniques geared to work for even the weakest.

How often have you set a sugar intake goal at the beginning of the holidays only to find yourself setting another New Year’s Resolution to get in CONTROL? I’m here to tell you that overcoming your sugar cravings has nothing to do with control or will power. You will be surprised at how simple and sustainable my unique approach to sugar cravings is.

Once a month on the second Thursday I teach my 'Sugar Blues' Workshop, located at the Ginger Café in Springville, Utah. I also provide individualized health coaching in person and online.

With love and gratitude,

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