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Frugal Christmas

Several years ago, CL was laid off at Christmas time.  We were expecting baby #6 and life became more of a challenge. 

Interestingly enough, CL and I had recently attended a 'Get Out Of Debt' seminar at BYU.  One of the suggestions given by the instructor was to make Christmas gifts using materials on hand or just purchasing a few inexpensive materials to help with the handmade gifts.  
With 5 kids it was a challenge, but we did it, and it is a Christmas we will always cherish.  Everyone got their creative minds going (this was before the internet, so we had to rely on our own imaginations). 

The kids all chose 1 family member to give a gift to and they focused all their energy coming up with a gift that would be just right for the person they chose.

Christmas morning we didn't have a ton of gifts under the tree, but everyone was so excited to watch their siblings open their handmade gifts.  The attention had shifted from themselves and their own gifts to seeing the excitement as their handmade gift was opened!

The economy has been struggling for a long time, and many have been out of work or have taken a cut in pay.  If this Christmas is going to be a financial challenge, I invite you to re-evaluate what's really important and enjoy the season.  

Do you have any ideas to share on being more frugal at Christmas?

  With love and gratitude,

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