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4 Simple Steps to Help You Detox

"All disease begins in the gut" ~ Hippocrates

Are you suffering from all the rich holiday foods?

Bloating  HEADACHES    brain fog 
Mood Swings   lack of consentration   low energy 

Here are my favorite tips on how to detox and start feeling better today!

  1. Eat lots of fresh vegetables - salads, carrots and celery sticks, grated raw beets, lettuce leaves.
  2. Add fresh fruits to each meal. Citrus is especially good for detoxing.
  3. Broth - whether you like straight vegetable broth or chicken & vegetable broth, a warm serving will aid in balancing the imbalance. 
  4. Lemon water - a fresh lemon twist in your water will help alkalize your body. 

Incorporate these simple steps into your daily eating habit and you'll begin to see a positive difference in just one day. Keep it up for a few weeks or so for a full recovery. Make it a lifestyle change and feel great forever!

Need help and support with healthy lifestyle changes? I can help. I know how you are feeling.  My own life is a testimony of what IS possible!

With love and gratitude,

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