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Relieve Stress With These Simple Breathing Tips

Deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the one that calms us down.) How we breath can trigger this built-in stress reliever for immediate, positive effects.

Benefits of conscious breathing -

  • lower blood pressure
  • manage stress attacks
  • trigger relaxation response
  • clear the mind
  • aids in digestion - breathing deeply massages the internal organs in the body such as your intestines, colon etc. This massage increases the blood flow to these organs and increases their ability to function properly.
  • releasing anger - breathing deep and counting to 10 slowly really works
  • become more centered and focused
This week I've put my deep breathing to the test again. It's been one of those weeks where a lot has been going on...most of it really good, but still overwhelming! Such as - getting ready for my graduation from IIN.

Some of my favorite breathing tips:
  • Close your eyes when breathing - (helps you stay focused)
  • Smile while breathing (when you smile, your body and mind think you're happy!)
  • Sit comfortably
  • Relax
  • Tune out all distractions
  • Always breath in and out through your nose, not your mouth
  • Picture your torso as a big jug. As you breath in, start filling the 'jug' from the bottom to the top with air- expanding your abdomen, then move up into your belly, then your chest. At this point your whole torso/jug should be filled with air. Now, as you exhale go in reverse - start pushing the air out from your chest working your way down to the bottom of your torso. Push as much air out as you comfortably can. Begin the process all over again. Do this several times.
  • Slow deep breaths, focus on the air going in and out of your nose, then in and out of your throat, then your lungs.
 Practice deep breathing on a daily basis, especially when you feel tension raising

    If all else fails, just follow my 4 year old GRANDdaughter's advice to her mother - "Mommy, just relax and breathe like you're smelling a flower."
With love and gratitude,

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