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Got Dairy?

I was raised in the 'old school' when drinking milk was recognized as the only source for calcium...

"Drink your milk, so your bones will grow big and  strong." 

Back then, dairy was raw and nutritious. It came from grass fed cows that grazed in the fresh air and pastures.

Now we live in an era when dairy is pasteurize, homogenized and 98-100% of the cream has been removed. This brings up a very controversial question: 

Gluten Intolerance and Gluten Sensitivity

I grew up on spaghetti and fresh baked bread. So many fond memories are tied up in these foods. As I got married and my family began to grow, we ate a lot of pasta dishes and made tons and tons of fresh baked whole wheat bread. I loved to have my kids come in the house to the smell of fresh baked bread. We would sit at the table, slice the warm loaf and smother it with butter and honey. It was delicious.
Gradually, I began noticing that my inflammation was worse after such delicious indulgences. I went in to total denial. I loved my whole wheat pancakes, breads, oatmeal cereal, and pasta.  Finally I had to accept the fact that I am gluten sensitive….totally NOT fun.

So, what exactly is gluten?

Valentines Day G!VEAWAY

 I ♥ giveaways, especially when they compliment my lifestyle for holistic health. 100% Pure Cosmetics has ingredients that do just that! I have recently teamed up with 100% Pure Cosmetics because I was very impressed with their ingredients and their goal to provide 'health food for your skin' in an organic, toxic free form is what caught my attention.

I'm constantly on the look out for beauty supplies that will give me what I want, in a form that will NOT be harmful to me. It must be high-quality and be a product that I can confidently recommend to my family, friends, and clients.

Their FAQ Page can be accessed HERE...very impressive!

Chew Your Food

How often do we sit down to a delicious meal only to get up 10 minutes later and realize we didn't even taste the food?  Not only that, but we are hungry again in just a few short hours.

One of the first 'quick fixes' for poor nutrition and poor digestion is chewing your food. Chewing each bite 30-100 times is best. Wow! Who chews their food 100 times? I must confess that I don't. Usually 30-50 chews per-bite is enough for me. There are those who do chew 100 times though...something to think about!

We live in a society that demands everything to be fast. We even have Fast Food.
Fast food is just that - usually eaten fast (less nutritional absorption), and then in no time at all we're hungry again and feel like we've been fasting all day. Our society is literally overweight and nutritionally starved.