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7 Steps to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

I love to Spring clean! 

After a long, cold winter, it is so refreshing to sweep out the cobwebs and de-clutter.  Not only is my house revitalized, but Spring cleaning is also a therapeutic rejuvenation for my mind and body.

I actually caught the Spring Cleaning bug several weeks ago. The house is now in tip-top shape and I’m ready for Spring gardening. 

In case you can’t tell,  I    Spring 

If you haven’t caught the Spring cleaning bug yet or if you dread Spring cleaning, here are some of my favorite tips to inspire and excite you…

Add More Greens to Your Diet

Spring is in the air...

I enjoy this time of year because planting my organic garden is so refreshing. The thoughts of harvesting straight from my own garden and eating the freshest of the fresh sends my taste buds in to hyper-drive! 

Green is associated with Spring, the time of rebirth, revitalizing and refreshing energy.

Crisp, fresh, dark leafy greens are great! They are fat-free, low-carb, raw, gluten-free and vegan. Greens are full of nutrients, vitamins and are great for:
  • lifting the spirit
  • purifying the blood after a long winter
  • improve cirvcilation
  • strengthening the immune system 
No matter what dietary plan you are following, greens will fit in perfectly! Greens are such a blessing for our bodies. God knows what we need!

Adding these delicious veggies to our daily diet is important. Sometimes we start out with good intentions, but then we get bogged down with so many other distractions. When we get hungry, we grab something easy and convenient.  Thankfully, there are some quick ways to get more of these delicious greens into our daily meals and snacks.

Age Well

Recently I was on the phone with my website tech support. While we were waiting for a glitch to work out, we started visiting and I asked him what his biggest health concern is. (I know, I can't help myself.)

His response was one I hear often - "I'm getting older, and my joints are starting to hurt. I'm worried about getting old and being in a lot of pain."  The main difficulty I hear from people is they want to keep living and eating the way they are but they don't want their bodies to deteriorate....this doesn't work. If a person is noticing sore joints, weight gain, brain fog + , then their body is telling them to make changes and make them soon!

Our body is a fine tuned organism...but just like a fine tuned car, if we don't  keep in maintained, it's going to start sputtering and finally end up in the junk yard.

The good news is - Life expectancy is UP!


Joshua Rosenthal
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Founder, Director, and Primary Teacher ~
The Institute For Integrative Nutrition

"Congratulations, BeckyJane for walking your talk. 
Your clients are lucky to have you as their guide, and you're an inspiration to all of us. "

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