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Age Well

Recently I was on the phone with my website tech support. While we were waiting for a glitch to work out, we started visiting and I asked him what his biggest health concern is. (I know, I can't help myself.)

His response was one I hear often - "I'm getting older, and my joints are starting to hurt. I'm worried about getting old and being in a lot of pain."  The main difficulty I hear from people is they want to keep living and eating the way they are but they don't want their bodies to deteriorate....this doesn't work. If a person is noticing sore joints, weight gain, brain fog + , then their body is telling them to make changes and make them soon!

Our body is a fine tuned organism...but just like a fine tuned car, if we don't  keep in maintained, it's going to start sputtering and finally end up in the junk yard.

The good news is - Life expectancy is UP!

What is the secret? 
Is it - 
  • Better Medication?
  • Early Detection?
  • More Exercise?
  • Healthy Eating?
  • Healthy Living?
According to Dr Andrew Weil, MD -

"The state of health care in America - In reality we don’t have a health care system in America, just a dysfunctional disease management system.
o             We spend more on health care per capita (by a huge margin) than any other country in the world. We are at or near the bottom as far as health - #33
o             Spending more and more but getting less and less."

The bad news is - We're living longer but we're sicker, our bodies are deteriorating and we're ending our days in Care Centers. 

Several months ago I wrote an article Live Well, Age Well.  My main emphasis was that living longer is not necessarily the key, but living a happy, healthy, productive life.

In his book, Life Beyond 100, Norman Shealy, MD shared some interesting statistics on how to increase our life expectancy. "Normal life expectancy 77 years – non smokers add 6 years, reasonable weight add 6 years, exercise add another 6 years, alcohol consumption add 3 years, woman add 3 years, married man add 3 years, avoid street drugs add 2 years…If we do all these things we could live over 100 years. Life is longer than it used to be – rethink relationships, your life etc…get a long term plan to enjoy your long life – create congruity between heart, soul, career."

In the Mormon religion we have the Word of Wisdom, which is the best nutrition guide I've come across. Using the Word of Wisdom as the foundation of my Age Well Tips I have created the list below -

Age Well Tips:
  • don't smoke
  • exercise
  • replace coffee with a more nutritious beverage
  • minimize alcohol consumption (I recommend you avoid alcohol)
  • avoid street drugs
  • foster positive relationships
  • choose a career you love or begin to love the career you have
  • foster a spiritual foundation
  • create a positive attitude

 With love and gratitude,

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