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Health Benifits of a Happy Marriage Between a Man and a Woman

We live in a day and age, where happy, lasting marriages are few and far between. When people are healthy, they are automatically happier! Don't you just love being round happy people!

Lance and I have been married for 36+ years and we love being in love with each other.

Has it been easy? 

Has it been worth it? 

My diagram below shows some of the health benefits of a happy marriage.

How Getting Back into the Kitchen with Your Spouse Could Save Your Marriage

Getting back into the kitchen with your spouse can be a fun adventure. It will bring spice to your marriage, compliment each others unique cooking skills or lack of cooking skills, and bring you closer together.

When I married Lance, my cooking skills were extremely pitiful. What made it worse was his mother was an amazing cook. I struggled for years and years (and years) to learn how to cook. I wanted to please my husband, but failed more than succeeded. 

GMO's - Genetically Modified Organisms

Just what are GMO’s and why are they causing such a ruckus? 

It seems that eating healthy is getting more and more difficult. First it was organic vs non-organic and now it’s GMO vs non-GMO. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s not to put my complete confidence in the FDA or any other agency where monetary gain or power gain are the controlling motivation. I know this can sound kind of cynical, but I promise I am not a cynical person.  I believe in being well informed and abreast of what is best for me and my loved ones.