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Stumbled But Not Defeated

Have you ever experienced the miracle of 
watching a toddler learn to walk?

Teaching each of my 11 children to walk was wonderful. Usually I would start them out by walking behind them holding their sweet, chubby, little hands.
Then I would prop them up next to the couch and scoot a few feet away from them. Holding my arms out, I would look into their trusting eyes and encourage them to come to me, all the while saying, "You can do it!"

It amazed me to see how they tirelessly would get back up each time they stumbled and fell. Day after day they would keep trying, never giving up or feeling like it was hopeless. They never felt like a failure either. They just kept getting back up and trying again and again until they got it!

There are times in our own 'grown up' lives when getting back up seems beyond our own ability.
Watching my children learn to walk has taught me many things, one of them is even when I think I cannot rise up, there is still hope. And sometimes all we need is someone to take us by the hand, look us in they eyes and say, "You can do it."

We can feel so weighed down with our failures and weaknesses that we begin to think we can never succeed. We can even start to believe that since we have failed in the past, failure is all our future holds.

I think it's safe to say that most of us don't like the feeling of failure. We especially don't like it when others see us fail. We want to be seen as successful, on top of our game, and having it all together. We want to be seen as champions. But, we are spiritual beings in a temporal world and we DO stumble and fall...usually on a regular basis!

But, just as the little child who falls hundreds of times while learning to walk, we gain experience each time we fall. Thomas Edison is given credit for the statement, "I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 times that will not work."

We cannot become champions without effort and discipline; nor without making mistakes. Our future is not made up of how many times we fall, but by how many times we get up, rub our battered knees, and move forward.

 With love and gratitude,

Each of us lead a life filled with miracles, we just need to pause and see them! What's new and good with you?