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What Really Happens To Little Children When They Die?

Many people are confused or even feel lost, anger, and inconsolable grief, when it comes to understanding what happens to little children when they die - especially if they have not been baptized yet.

I had a brother die when he was only a few months old, but the teachings of Christ have brought me comfort in knowing he is in Gods presence and that he is happy.

As many of you know I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I believe in Christ and I am filled with love for Him and for His atoning sacrifice.

I would like to share what I have learned and know to be true through much scripture study and prayer. I pray it will bring knowledge and peace to your grieving heart.

Moroni 8:10 Behold I say unto you that this thing shall ye teach—repentance and baptism unto those who are aaccountable and capable of committing sin; yea, teach parents that they must repent and be baptized, and humble themselves as their little bchildren, and they shall all be saved with their little children.

 11 And their little achildren need no repentance, neither baptism. Behold, baptism is unto repentance to the fulfilling the commandments unto the bremission of sins.

 12 But little achildren are alive in Christ, even from the foundation of the world; if not so, God is a partial God, and also a changeable God, and a brespecter to persons; for how many little children have died without baptism!

 13 Wherefore, if little children could not be saved without baptism, these must have gone to an endless hell.

 14 Behold I say unto you, that he that supposeth that little children need baptism is in the gall of bitterness and in the bonds of iniquity; for he hath neither afaith, hope, nor charity; wherefore, should he be cut off while in the thought, he must go down to hell.

 15 For awful is the wickedness to suppose that God saveth one child because of baptism, and the other must perish because he hath no baptism.

 17 And I am filled with acharity, which is everlasting love; wherefore, all children are alike unto me; wherefore, I love little children with a perfect love; and they are all alike and bpartakers of salvation.

 18 For I know that God is not a partial God, neither a changeable being; but he is aunchangeable from ball eternity to all eternity.

 19 Little achildren cannot repent; wherefore, it is awful wickedness to deny the pure mercies of God unto them, for they are all alive in him because of his bmercy.

 20 And he that saith that little children need baptism denieth the mercies of Christ, and setteth at naught the aatonement of him and the power of his redemption.

  22 For behold that all little children are aalive in Christ, and also all they that are without the blaw. For the power of credemption cometh on all them that have dno law; wherefore, he that is not condemned, or he that is under no condemnation, cannot repent; and unto such baptism availeth nothing—

My hope is that you will gain a greater understanding of how all encompassing Christ's atonement is. In my faith, we are taught that the age of accountability is 8. As a general rule, we have our children baptized after they are 8 years old.

If someone dies after they are 8 years old, but that person has not been baptized by one holding the proper Priesthood authority, God has provided a means whereby they can be baptized by proxy

God is so GOOD!

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