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Vision of the Tree of Life - Part 4: The River of Filthy Water

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I Nephi 8:13 And as I cast my eyes round about, that perhaps I might discover my family also, I beheld a river of water; and it ran along, and it was near the tree of which I was partaking the fruit.
 14 And I looked to behold from whence it came; and I saw the head thereof a little way off; and at the head thereof I beheld your mother Sariah, and Sam, and Nephi; and they stood as if they knew not whither they should go.
 15 And it came to pass that I beckoned unto them; and I also did say unto them with a loud voice that they should come unto me, and partake of the fruit, which was desirable above all other fruit.
 16 And it came to pass that they did come unto me and partake of the fruit also.
 17 And it came to pass that I was desirous that Laman and Lemuel should come and partake of the fruit also; wherefore, I cast mine eyes towards the head of the river, that perhaps I might see them.
 18 And it came to pass that I saw them, but they would not come unto me and partake of the fruit.

I Nephi 12:16 And the angel spake unto me, saying: Behold the fountain of filthy water which thy father saw; yea, even the river of which he spake; and the depths thereof are the depths of hell.

"Let's talk for moment about the way in which filth is presented . . . . I am talking about the advertising . . . as you watched the beer commercials, did you notice the people 

drinking?  I have never seen such clean-cut, hard-working, patriotic, good folk in a long time . . . I use that only as one example,  If you turn on your television and watch some of the videos that go with the rock music, you will see how evil is presented by Satan.  It is presented incessantly and attractively.  It doesn't even look like a sea of filth to the young people who are swimming in it.  In fact, they may not even be swimming, because the presentation is so incessant and so attractive that they may not notice that there is a need to swim." (Elder Henry B. Eyring,C.E.S. Religious Educators Symposium Booklet, 1984, p. 9)

It never ceases to astound me the cunning, subtle ways that Lucifer is using media to draw us into His 'fountain of filthy water'.  Nevertheless, we are promised that as we keep faithful and follow God's commandments, we will not be deceived and we 'need not fear'.

As never before in the history of the world, Satan is relentlessly trying to drag us down, but we are more powerful than he is when we stay close to the Holy Spirit. I invite you to identify one way that media is NOT keeping you safe from the 'fountain of filthy water' and then do what ever it takes to change it...begin with prayer!

Disclaimer: In no way do I profess to be an expert in the field of ancient history or scripture.

With love and gratitude,

Each of us lead a life filled with miracles, we just need to pause and see them! What's new and good with you?